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Behind the scenes look at our newest creations!

Can't believe June has already come and almost gone!  We are finally enjoying some beautiful summer weather here in Connecticut and it's my favorite time of year.  For most of March and April, we spent our time designing a new all sterling silver line.  These were all pieces that could be created multiple times and didn't feature stones.  So as soon as that was wrapped up and everything had been listed I wanted to make some one of a kind statement pieces.  I went really bold and just tried to be really creative with them.  I didn't worry about the cost or size, I poured over hundreds of stones until I had found some combinations I was absolutely in love with.


This seriously took me almost a whole day.  I just kept putting stones next to each other, and trying new combinations.  Usually, I avoid using a stone because it's hard to create a setting for or maybe it was really expensive and I'm hesitant to use it.  I paid zero attention to this and just found things I thought worked perfectly together.

natural stone jewelry

That's the fun part :)  Next, it's time to put fire to metal and create the settings.  With stones like this, there aren't commercial settings pre made for them.  We have to create settings for them using sterling silver wire and sheet.  It's a lot of precise measuring and planning and is pretty time consuming.  To create the pendants shown above took me the better part of a week.  I did make a few adjustments and stone changes as I went along, I'm always changing my mind. 

sterling silver pendant

Here's a pic of Paul, multi tasking, talking and torching haha.  

artisan silver jewelry

Once each setting is made for the individual stone, it's time to begin devising a way to link them all together as I wanted the pendants to have multiple stones on them.  I wanted them to have movement too, so they would drape and wear better.  So I created small hinges behind each stone and used a hammered silver circle to connect them.

jewelry making

They don't look pretty yet!  After torching and soldering the silver becomes discolored like you see above.  Everything needs to be cleaned up and polished before the stones are set.  

sterling silver handmade jewelry

Cleaned up and ready for stones!  

And after setting the stones, they just need chains!

handmade stone necklaces

I wanted to make these into long necklaces.  Something you could throw on over a plain shirt or dress and really make an outfit!  Plus I like that when you have a long pendant on you can see it too!  Most of them I put on a heavy weight chain.  On some, I created links by hand to add interest to the chain.  Once I had priced them out though, I was nervous to add so much onto the chain because the cost was getting kind of high.  We price everything by the weight of the silver and then add in the cost of the stone.  Because the stones are large they used a lot of silver and also the stones I had chosen were kind of large and at a higher price. These necklaces are already over what our price points average out to and I didn't want them to end up really expensive.  In the end though I was absolutely in love with them.  They are exactly what I set out to make and it was so fun watching each one emerge into such a cool statement piece.  I honestly don't even have a favorite, they are all so awesome!!  These were kind of a gamble and I hope you guys like them as much as I do!  It's nice to sometimes make things just to make them and not really think about the end price point.  To me these are worth every penny and I wouldn't even be sad if they didn't sell and I got to keep them all haha.  Let me know what you think!

Handmade sterling silver and stone statement necklaces

There are quite a few other new designs for the month too, here's a quick snapshot of all of the new stuff we are about to add:

The weather was just amazing yesterday, we did our photo shoot for all of the new jewelry at Soapstone Mountain.  We live about a mile away from the mountain and it's such a beautiful hike.  We probably looked a little crazy posing and taking pics of me wearing a bunch of jewelry but we had such a fun day lol.  I'm so happy with how the pics came out.  Truly a beautiful setting.  We normally take the pics in our basement where we have a bunch of lights set up with a DSLR camera.  Yesterday we went on a field trip with an iphone and it was awesome!   Here are some pics from the day.

This was the scenic overlook at the top of the mountain

handmade earrings

jewelry change in between pics :)

This is actually us leaving the mountain after being there 10 minutes because for some reason I thought it would be ok to wear shorts and sandals.  I was getting bug bites, rocks in my sandals and when we went off trail to take pics next to a boulder I stepped in a huge spider web so I went home to change lol.  

jewelry photoshoot

Back at it, in pants and sneakers nature is much more fun haha.

handmade sterling silver jewelry

Someone must have made this really cool rock formation at the top of the mountain!

handmade prehinte and sterling silver flower ring

Quick mountain top selfie and that was a wrap!  Shot all of the new stuff, had an awesome day and now we just need to list it all online.  Can't wait to share all the new stuff with you!!!!