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Lots of new designs!

Such a busy week here in the studio!  We spent all day Wednesday creating new designs and trying to stock up on some one of a kind pieces so we have enough once the busy holiday season kicks in next month.  I was so excited to have picked up a bunch of amethyst stalactite slices from a gem show last week and finally got some time to make them into jewelry.  Here is a pic of some of the slices we brought home.

Stalactites are formed at the roof of a cave and begin with just one drop of water. Over millions of years, many drops of water leave bands of calcite and over time they build together to create a stunning column of minerals. Imagine taking a cross section slice of such a formation, that is how these unique stalactite slices are made. These are all amethyst stalactite slices, they have a gorgeous agate stone core that is surrounded by glittering amethyst crystals still in their natural state. The slices are polished on both sides and I decided a prong setting would be the perfect way to use these to create some pendants.  

Once I started I had so many ideas and made some with large bails so they can be worn on any chain.  Some I linked right into a chain and another I created a big hammered circle bail for.   I love that they all came out so different!  

I am also excited to add our sterling silver sculpture cuff back into our line.  I had made one about a year ago and it sold out right away.  A few people have inquired about this style as we do still have the picture of it up on our Instagram.  So this week, I set out to re create it. It's hard to make it exactly the same so I embraced that and I think that's part of it's charm.  Each one will be completely one of a kind.  I start with the same amount of heavy gauge sterling silver and by hammering, shaping and forming, a sturdy silver cuff emerges.  

Another thing I am really loving is this new pair of keishi pearl studs.  Normally pearls are drilled and then glued onto posts to make studs.  I found these amazing natural pearls at a gem show last week and they were not drilled.  They are so full of luster and shine!  I created prong settings for them which I think just adds to their unique and modern look.  I think they came out so cool, a really different take on a classic pearl stud and they really catch the light perfectly.

Not everything works out perfectly,  I wanted to make a pair of ocean jasper earrings on Wednesday.  To make the earrings I carefully measured around the stone to build the setting to fit them perfectly.  Then just as I was going to set the stones, I dropped the stone really hard on the concrete floor and it broke :(  

So I was left with one useless setting and one earring with no match!  Turned those lemons into lemonade and made an ocean jasper pendant haha.  I did this by adding a frame around the teardrop to make it heavier and added a hammered silver circle to serve as the bail.

Once all of the new jewelry is made for the week, we take all of the photos for the website.  Paul takes pictures of me wearing all of the pieces so you are able to see them on a person.  We have a few lights set up and we take them right in our workshop.  This Friday the weather was so gorgeous we took the photoshoot outside to the back yard :)   Not too many perfect days like this so we wanted to get out and soak it in.  It's been such a great week here in Connecticut, hard to imagine in a few weeks it will be time to break out the winter coat.  But for now, we are enjoying some beautiful fall weather!

Maybe we will keep this up and try to take them outside every week?  In a few weeks I will be clunking outside in boots with two feet of snow, we will have to see how this goes lol.