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New Custom Birthstone Designs!

This week in the studio we wanted to finish up some new birthstone necklace designs.  I spent a lot of the last few weeks sketching, making, editing, remaking, tweaking and finally deciding on some new custom necklace designs.  

I came up with this hammered curved bar design which I am really in love with! 

custom birthstone jewelry for mom

These are completely made by hand so we are able to put multiple stones and in any arrangement.  I thought this would work for so many things.  You could use two stones, one on each bar in the birthstones of a couple, they are fused together so this would be a nice way to symbolize two people bonded together.  You could also do a mother's birthstone on one side and her children on the other.  You could do both parents on one side and then the children on the other.  The possibilities are really endless and we could always solder on more curves to show generations for a grandmother's necklace.  I really like how the design is modern and simple but totally customizable so each one will be unique.  The pendant arcs to a V at the top that serves as the bail so the chain continues the curve.  Shop this design here >>>

handmade mother's birthstone necklace

  Want to pair this design with matching earrings?  These would finish the look perfectly and they come in three different lengths.  You can find them here >>>

hammered sterling silver bar earrings

Want to complete the set?  This hammered bracelet would match beautifully and you can find that here >>>

hammered sterling silver hinged bracelet

We also came up with both a vertical and horizontal bar pendant that can be customized with birthstones. I wanted to make them both a little different so I used hammered silver beads to accent the vertical bar. We can of course make it with or without them but I always like to have each design be a little unique :)

hammered silver custom birthstone bar necklaces

These are made by hand from scratch so if you need to squeeze in a couple extra stones we are always happy to accommodate by making the bar just a bit longer.  I forget that people may not realize that our jewelry is actually handmade by Paul and I.  Everything we sell starts off as just raw silver wire or sheet that we use hammers and a torch to shape and build each piece.  If you shoot us an email, I will be the one to answer you and I'll be the one to make your jewelry.  That is kind of different and it really gives you the opportunity to get exactly what you are looking for.  Want a longer chain?  A shorter one?  Not a problem!  

Shop all of the new birthstone necklaces here >>>

Contact us with any questions you might have.  Let's start a conversation about your design and get started on it so you can have it on time to give the perfect holiday gift this year!  

Handmade sterling silver jewelry

I've already started working out some new hand stamped designs.  Planning to release some bracelets and rings in the next week or two but wanted to get the necklace designs figured out first.  Thanks so much for reading and checking our our newest creations! I'd really love to hear what you think :)