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Our new schedule means more new designs!

There will be some big changes coming very soon! Mainly, the way we schedule our time and the frequency we put out new designs will be changing (for the better we promise!). Right now, we schedule one day a week to create new designs, one day to take the photos and one day to list them online. So if you add that it's 4 days a month we spend creating the new designs and 8 days a month photographing and listing them. Paul and I decided that is just not enough time creating and we need to swap that ratio!

Starting now, we are only going to take pictures once a month and list all of the items from the whole month all at once. What this means is that we will actually be able to create new designs 3 times a week for three weeks out of the month and then spend the last week photographing and listing those pieces. That adds up to 9 days we can spend making new stuff! That's really exciting to us it's more than double what we do now. The day we set aside now each week for new designs is the most fun day of the week and it just goes by too fast. Also, I find that I always have a bit of stress to finish up what I'm working on because I won't be able to get back to it for another week.  With the new system, we will be able to just experiment and kind of get lost learning new techniques and spend more time on each piece. We should ultimately end up with cooler pieces and more things overall. To keep up with sneak peeks of what we are making throughout the month be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, we will be posting behind the scenes and our works in progress. Normally I write a blog once a week and we do a weekly email. Those will both be once a month now. This is going to free us up to create more and spend more time in the studio doing what we love, making new designs!

Another thing we are doing is overhauling our entire made to order line. We spend three days a week on keeping up with the made to order items as they sell.  These are the pieces that when it sells we use some notes and sketches we made to create the exact same piece and then ship it out. Some of the items have been up for years.  Some things I feel would be better designed a bit different. Some things I am just tired of making haha. Some things we have lost our notes and we totally stress out trying to duplicate from a photo when it sells. We have a lot of items we have kind of patched together over the last few years and just keep adding to it. We are currently designing a more cohesive line. Something that improves a lot of our current designs and some pieces will be great additions that we don't already have. Some items will just be completely discontinued. This is going to be a lot of work but it's really exciting. There never seems to be enough hours in a day to do this and we have wanted to for awhile. This week we just got started and seeing the new pieces is so motivating to keep making more and get everything done.

All of this planning and organization is a big change for us. It's only been a year since we implemented our original schedule. before that, we just kind of spent every day doing what was most important and pressing and there were things that we just never got to. The schedule we made was great, it got us on track. Now we just need to tweak it so we can be even more productive and spend more time doing the creative part. That means we just can't spend two days a week doing computer work and photography. So even though it seems like you will be hearing from and seeing a bit less from us, be sure we are actually working harder creating new stuff!

Sorry for the super informative, photo free blog post! Here are some photos for you of what we made new this week :) Another big change is the white background photos. What do you think??? I have not been able to do them before and was just able to figure out with some natural sunlight and an iPhone how to get pretty clean ones! Do you find this easier to shop? Or do you miss the natural elements and artistic photos we normally do? I'd love the feedback so let us know! We will be back next month with tons of designs, we can't wait to get started on this new schedule!