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Our Week in Pictures!

This was our first week back from Tucson where we just got soooo many new stones.  I spent a long time just figuring out where to even start as I had so many ideas for all of the amazing stuff we brought back.  We set up all of the stones in the studio on a table so we can see all of our new stuff at a glance.

semi precious stones for jewelry

Then we jumped right in creating the silver work to set the stones into. jewelry making

handcrafted jewelry

We got some tools in Tucson that I couldn't wait to try out. One of them is die that will cut a ginkgo leaf out of silver sheet.  I embossed some sterling silver sheet and cut out the leaf shape with the die.  Then I drew on some random shapes with a sharpie that I wanted to cut out by hand.  

hand made silver jewelry design

To make the cut outs, you drill holes into the silver and thread a small saw blade through the hole so that you can hand saw out the intricate shape.  Once the shape was all sawed out I selected some stones for the pendant and made settings for them.

sterling silver and natural stones

making a sterling silver pendant

After the soldering, silver gets discolored.  You have to clean and polish the heat stains from the silver and then give it a final polish to reveal the shiny silver.  Here is the pendant all done with the stones set!

sierra madre and kunzite pendant necklace

I really love how that one came out!  I created another Ginkgo pendant with a moss aquamarine stone but that one sold from a Facebook post I had made earlier in the week before all of the pieces had the stones set into them.

sterling silver handmade jewelry

I am definitely going to be making more pieces with the ginkgo shape, I really love the size and organic shape of it and the cut outs give it a really cool look.  Piercing and sawing shapes out of silver is time consuming delicate work but this week I was just in the mood to do it and I also created some earrings with cut outs.

hand sawn jewelry

Normally we make about 7-10 new items in a week but this week not only were we super excited to play with all of our new stones, two snowstorms hit us and we were snowed in with nothing else to do but make more jewelry!  I guess we are lucky our commute is just downstairs lol.  The storm dropped almost two feet and we have gotten more snow almost every day since.  It really does look pretty outside.

snowing in connecticut

So we stayed in the studio and enjoyed our snow day making new designs!

handmade triangle pendant

handmade cloud pendant necklace

Here is what had at the end of the day!

sterling silver and stone unique jewelry

The metal work is all done now it was time to set the stones which we did the following day.

hand set gemstone jewelry

handmade silver jewelry

Check out these square agate stones, they look like a painting of the beach to me, I love them!

handmade silver earrings

Once all of the stones are set, it's time to take photos.  We take the pictures of the jewelry by itself and then Paul takes pictures of me wearing each piece so it's easy to see the size and how it looks on.

natural stone and sterling silver jewelry

We thought it would be so cool to do the photoshoot outside in the snow but it was freezing!  I think it's out of focus because I was shivering lol.  And the look on my face is just like are you kidding me?  I'm not doing this haha. We took the rest of them inside :)

handmade sterling silver jewelry

Now it's Monday so we are listing everything up on the site.  We use the pictures from Friday and create the listings on Etsy and our website.  It was so fun creating with all of our new stones.  Normally we make new stuff on Wednesdays but we have actually been making new stuff each day after we are done with our orders and our regular work day.  Right now that is more fun than watching TV or relaxing so that's what we have been doing in our free time this week :)  Check out all of the new stuff we just added here:


Let us know what you think of the new pieces and what you would like to see more of as we are busy creating new stuff everyday right now!